Introducing HIRE360

A Cross-Industry Partnership between McHugh Construction and HIRE360 Helps Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

Today marks the launch of HIRE360, a first-of-its-kind industry collaboration to provide sustainable trade-focused career opportunities for Chicago-area residents and support women- and minority-owned businesses across the region. McHugh is proud to have played an instrumental role in the founding of this nonprofit organization.

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HIRE360, a unique partnership among Chicago’s largest developers, general contractors, labor unions and the United Way, will enable greater access to employment opportunities for residents in manufacturing, construction, hospitality and professional services. Its mission is to expand employment opportunities through recruiting, training and placement assistance; invest capital in helping minority- and women-owned businesses grow and thrive; connect area youth, underrepresented populations and local residents with job inspiration and opportunities; and model socially responsible hiring and supply chain accountability in Chicago and beyond.

Jay Rowell, Executive Director of HIRE360 Chicago and Mike Meagher, President of McHugh Construction and President Elect of Chicagoland Associated General Contractors

“HIRE360 represents an incredibly special collaboration, one that brings together competitors who share a commitment to developing the next generation of builders and making Chicago’s building industry stronger from the ground up,” said Michael Meagher, president of McHugh Construction, president elect of the Chicagoland Associated General Contractors and founding board member of HIRE360. “We have every confidence in our ability to accomplish these bold and exciting goals because of the unified vision and the cross-industry support that defines this organization.”

Starting today, HIRE360 will provide resources for candidates interested in pursuing work in the building trades. These include test preparation and assistance; money to buy boots, books and tools for apprenticeships; case management services; referrals to jobs; and support throughout the apprenticeship process. For Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firms, it will be adding mentoring and a loan pool to help firms grow. Early next year, HIRE360 will expand beyond the construction industry to offer job services in the manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

Calvin Jenkins, CEO of Play Lot Builders shares his amazing story of how an organization like HIRE360 can transform lives.

Through localized mentorship, direct investment and specialized services, HIRE360 will strengthen the participation of underrepresented populations in the Chicago area. It will also mentor and grow MBE and WBE firms and create a supply chain of partners that are accountable to higher participation standards.

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