CRAIN’S 2020 Notable Women In Construction and Design – Kate Ivanova

These 49 women are notable for their career achievements in traditionally male-dominated sectors. A number have made inroads in the gritty undertakings of excavation, road and bridge building, and commercial construction. Subcontractor specialties such as electrical, mechanical and glass also are in the mix. Some are on the cutting edge of green design, winning Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED, certifications for sustainable buildings in their use of energy, water and materials. Others are involved in projects with a social bent such as affordable housing, health and community centers, and historic preservation. Many participate in programs—either through their companies or by volunteer efforts—that provide training and opportunities to the unemployed or underemployed. And almost all in some way strive to mentor and bring along younger women, so that the term “male-dominated field” someday becomes an anachronism.

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