Column: An exclusive look at Jeanne Gang’s Vista Tower, now Chicago’s third-tallest building

Chicago Tribune – Chicago’s nearly complete Vista Tower comes wrapped in superlatives — the city’s third-tallest building and the world’s tallest building designed by a woman — as well as seemingly curving, multicolored glass.

But the hype would be meaningless if the $1 billion, 101-story tower did not merit a more important distinction: It’s a stirring work of skyline artistry.

Vista’s architect, Jeanne Gang, already has graced Chicago with the 87-story Aqua Tower, whose wavy concrete balconies were inspired by the layered topography of limestone outcroppings along the Great Lakes.

Vista, in contrast, appears as liquid as it is solid, as if the waters of Lake Michigan had burst upward and transformed themselves into fluid, undulating tiers of glass.