Provident Hospital Parking Structure

A 275,000 sf cast-in-place, post-tensioned parking structure with space for 700 vehicles.

The superstructure is supported by medium-depth caissons which were installed while concrete work progressed in the sub-basement area. The structure is clad with glazed block along the entire ground floor elevation, topped with a glazed jumbo brick veneer to blend with the surroundings. A glass-backed and sided elevator tower complements the south elevation of the facility. The project schedule was expedited to meet the opening date of the hospital. This project, located in one of the city’s most crime-plagued areas, presented unique challenges to the project staff. McHugh/Riteway devised innovative ways to seek involvement of the community in the project. The project staff conducted seminars at local churches to encourage employment of the local youth, and built and maintained relationships with local relational bodies to ensure security at the project site during construction. As a result, McHugh/Riteway exceeded the county’s goals of minority participation for the project.