What can be dreamed

can be built.

McHugh lives for the art of the build.

Since its founding in 1897, McHugh has been driven by the unapologetic pursuit of the extraordinary and the idea that nothing is impossible.

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We turn dreams

into reality.

Balancing imagination and practicality,

McHugh offers unparalleled expertise and innovation in general contracting, construction management and consulting, preconstruction, concrete services, virtual design, construction and design-build services across multiple sectors.

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speaks for itself.

McHugh has experience building in multiple markets.

Spanning from multi-family residential, hotel and hospitality, commercial, institutional, entertainment and sports, to infrastructure and rail.

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We are a trusted partner and

fearless leader.

Honest. Reliable. Hardworking. Imaginative.

Our unique expertise serving as general contractor, construction manager, and concrete subcontractor provides us the flexibility to tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. We value our partners and go the extra mile to treat them as we like to be treated.

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Our employees are our most

important assets.

Responsible, strong, and creative builders thrive at McHugh.

We empower our employees with the tools they need to imagine new solutions that inspire both peers and partners.

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