Special Use

Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

McHugh has completed construction of the new Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier.


Jesse White Community Center

McHugh is performing as general contractor for the new Jesse White Community Center.


Advocate Center

The new Chicago Bulls training facility, the Advocate Center, provides the very latest in training technology.


31st Street Harbor Landside and Marina

The 31st Street Harbor is one of the largest harbors built on the Chicago lakefront in last 50 years.


Battle Stations 21 Complex

McHugh led the design-build team to create this $82 million, ultra-high tech training simulator, unprecedented in scope and detail, at Great Lakes, the Navy's only recruit training center.


Salem Baptist Church House of Hope

In essence, the House of Hope is a 10,000-seat arena, the product of highly targeted value engineering to help the church get the most building possible on a limited budget.