UPRR Sunset Route - Iris to Acolita

Construction has begun on the 11.5-mile stretch of UPRR’s Sunset Route from Iris to Acolita in the Imperial Sand Dunes of southern California.


CN/EJ & E Bridge #52

The CN/EJ & E Bridge #552, originally constructed in the 1930s over the Illinois River, held the undesirable distinction as the most frequently hit bridge in America.


Norfolk Southern Bridge Rehabilitation – Normal Avenue and Wallace Street

McHugh rehabilitated two rail bridges including Normal Avenue and Wallace Street, as part of the Ashland Avenue Yard Lead Improvement Project.


Ashland Yard Lead Improvement Project Rail Bridges – Halsted, Union, and Emerald

McHugh performed the reconstruction of three rail bridges including Halsted Street, Union Avenue, and Emerald Avenue, as part of the CREATE program’s Ashland Avenue Yard Lead Improvement Project.


UPRR Port Allen Intermodal Terminal

The Port Allen project consisted of milling, paving and striping of over 60,000 square yards of asphalt at a fully operational Auto Marshalling Facility for Union Pacific Railroad.


UPRR Southton Siding

The Southton project consists of two miles of new siding track