I am McHugh - Selton Sampson

Role: Concrete Superintendent
With McHugh: 40 years (started as a summer intern in 1969)
Hometown:  Charlottesville, Virginia
Favorite Project:  My favorite project was Water Tower Place, the size and scope was very interesting, plus the fact that we used six tower cranes in its construction.
Most Memorable Project:  My most memorable projects, because of their uniqueness, are the Deep Tunnel Project in LaGrange where we lined the tunnels with concrete and the re-facing of the lock walls at Brandon Road Lock and Dam in Joliet.
Most Challenging Project:  My most challenging job was Park Tower due to its height, location and size.
Biggest change in the Industry:  For me, some of the biggest changes in the industry are the use of GPS systems and other technology; the concrete formwork systems; and the increased focus on safety.
What do you like about working for McHugh?  One of the several reasons I enjoy working for McHugh is the relationships I have established and maintained with my workmates. I believe McHugh is a very honorable company. Even in some of the most difficult times, the company has always remained committed to its clients as well as its people and subcontractors. Overall McHugh is a proud and honest company!
What do you do in your free time?  I am a member of the Cathedral of Joy Family Life Center Church. I also enjoy exercising, tennis and bowling.