I am McHugh - Paul Treacy

Role:  Concrete Superintendent
With McHugh:  20 years
Hometown:  Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
Favorite Project:  Aqua, because of the unique exterior of the building.
Most Memorable Project: Aqua, as the concrete team was able to bring this project in over four months ahead of schedule which sets it apart.
Most Challenging Project:  When you hear someone say ”that is an easy job,” chances are that they did not work on that project. Every single project that we do has its own unique challenges. That’s what makes the construction industry so interesting to work in. In most fields of work, there comes a point when a job becomes monotonous, but in our industry that is rarely the case because of the diversity of challenges we face on a daily basis.

    When we built Park Tower there was an extensive outrigger wall system, which split up the square footage of the small floors into individual cells. Because of its height and location, it also had a 300-ton tuned mass damper, a massive steel pendulum that hung from four cables at the top of the building which counteracts the effect of wind on the structure. This was also one of the first projects with 12,000 psi concrete. This is commonplace today, but at the time we had to work out the many bugs in pumping the new high-strength concrete.

    The Marriott Courtyard at 165 East Ontario had an extremely tight site with exposed concreted that needed to match the pre-cast.
The Aqua where each of the floors are unique. The Aqua site also had piles buried from old boat docks that had to be extracted; the underground freight tunnel that ran across the site had to be filled; massive outrigger walls located in the middle of the building; and building over a live ComEd substation took some special care, to say the least.
Biggest Changes in the Industry:  I’ve seen many changes in our industry over the years. Everything from using technology to increased safety measures to more collaboration in project teams with the architects, engineers and owners.
What do you like about working for McHugh?  The level of expertise in every field at McHugh is exceptional. Having these resources allows us to tap into their knowledge by just picking up the phone. I believe this sets McHugh apart from other contractors and helps all of us perform our individual jobs to a higher standard.