I am McHugh - Melissa Tompkins

Hometown  Lansing, IL
Years at McHugh  7
Years in industry  17 
Favorite Project  Coast was my favorite because I got to work with such a great project team.
Most Memorable Project  Aqua was the largest construction project that I have ever worked on - 82 stories. Wow!!! It also won “Skyscraper of the Year” Award in 2009, which was really cool.
Most Challenging Project  Aqua - The overall MEP coordination process on that project was quite challenging because it's a multi-use building that includes a hotel, apartments, condos, and retail spaces.
Biggest changes and/or trends you see in the industry  The trend that I see in the industry right now is that most developers/contractors are building more LEED rated buildings. Coast is the second LEED building that I have worked on.
What do you like about working for McHugh? The people